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Data Science Education Ontology


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The Data Science Education Ontology (DSEO) is a collection of concepts that aims to capture learning needs in data science.

It was designed with a data science practicioner’s workflow in mind.

Download the latest DSEO Turtle file from HERE or BioPortal.

See an example of how DSEO can be used for facets in search and filtering HERE.


The DSEO was designed as part of the work to develop the TCC’s Online Data Science Education Platform (NIH Grant #1U24ES026465). The platform collects and organizes online data science training resources and materials and provides an interface for learners to search, explore, recommend, and collect resources they find valuable. Overall, the platform aims to teach data science while leveraging techniques from data science.

Specifically, the DSEO is part of the Educational Resource Discovery Index, ERuDIte, and it serves to provide additional descriptors to learning resource metadata.


Given that the DSEO is used with the ERuDIte Training Resource Metadata Standard, which has its foundations in, the DSEO is also licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (version 3.0). The license is available at:


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